Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Talking Travel with Jeff Jenkins

My latest interview subject has a passion for travel, a keen business sense and concern for others.. Jeff Jenkins turned his love of travel into his career and he is helping others.

Although it took him a little while to develop his love of travel, once he went on an airplane and started his journeys, he was hooked. Then it was a matter of how to make a career in the travel industry. He did that by looking at himself and what was missing from the business of travel.

As a large person of color, he noticed he was under-represented in travel. With that ChubbyDiaries.com was born. An online community of larger people of color, ChubbyDiaries.com makes the world of travel more inclusive.

Jeff has an interesting story and is such a positive person. We endured a few technical issues, but we persevered and pulled together a fun and informative interview.

Look for the interview video and recap on Global Traveler at Talking Travel with Jeff Jenkins. Also, get more info on Jeff at ChubbyDiaries.com. Lastly, please subscribe to the Global Traveler YouTube channel for all sorts of interesting travel content (and to help my job security LOL).

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