Monday, May 13, 2024

Friend Encounters; Barbara Crampton and Troy

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Barbara Crampton made her mark in horror movies and on daytime dramas. Her work in the horror field is what makes her in high demand at celebrity conventions. My friend Tony and i met her at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati a couple months agi. She was as nice as could be and had a long line of fans all weekend. I do believe Tony was her first fan though.

Also very popular at celebrity conventions is my pal Troy. Oh he might say he is simply a handler, one who helps the real celebrity at their booths, but I know better. Troy is in high demand wherever he goes.

While I have not been a handler, it is a great way to get into a convention and be around celebrities. Basically, you either sit at a celeb's booth or you are a general help, handling things all over as needed. Troy is a veteran at this and one of the best. He also is easy-going, fun and a great guy. I highly recommend him for any convention.

Go to for more info and scheduling. As for Troy, look for him anywhere and everywhere.

Barbara Crampton and Troy in Cincinnati, OH-March 2024.

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