Monday, April 1, 2024

Friend Encounters: Haley Reinhart and Tony

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Today, I feature one of the most recent celeb meetings. It's also one I witnessed, although surprisingly I did not take the picture.

As is well-documented here, I have been a fan of Haley Reinhart for several years. I have seen her in concert at least six times (and I really don't like concerts).

When I saw Haley was performing near me at the North Shore Center for Performing Arts, I invited Tony to join me. I had sent him a few clips of her music and he was interested enough and trusted my judgment.

Of course, I loved this performance, but it was hard to tell what he felt during the show. Once it ended, he expressed how much he enjoyed her singing. I was glad to hear that and happy I did not steer him wrong.

After the show, there was a meet-and-greet. Of course I had to stay for it and Tony stayed, too. While waiting for Haley to come out, we chatted a bit with her father Harry, also a musician. We were lucky in our positioning, because when the announcement came for the event to start, we were one of the first few folks.

Haley remembered me from previous shows and from our interview (at Haley Reinhart Talking Music and Travel). Tony actually gave me credit for him being there (did I earn points with Haley for bring new #Haliens?).

As Tony drove me home, he talked excitedly about her singing. Her song list included a few different genres and Haley handled them all flawlessly. She covers a lot of eras and styles.

I highly encourage all to check out for more on Haley. Maybe I can bring more fans to Haley.

Haley Reinhart and Tony in Skokie, IL-November 2023.

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