Monday, April 8, 2024

Happy Birthday, Nancy

Today I celebrate my sister Nancy's birthday. It is right to honor the matriarch of our family.

Since our mom passed several years ago, I have referred to Nancy as the matriarch, much to her disdain. She's a good trooper though and accepts it, but she does get me back with various shots.

I often say and I will continue to say that I am fortunate to have two awesome sisters. The eldest sibling, Nancy gave me my first niece in Laura. I also had the pleasure of two roadtrips with them to New York. Nancy 

Nancy has a huge heart for family, friends and dogs (maybe not in that order). Laura, (Nancy's hub) Dave, (Nancy's dog) Sully and everyone else is lucky to have Nancy in our lives.

Although she is out west celebrating with her friends, I will raise a can of Coke to her here and wish her a fantastic birthday. Happy birthday, Nancy. I love you!

Nancy and Laura in Hobart, IN-November 2023.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you are celebrating all week!!
L:ove ya,

Nancy Blais said...

Thank you. ❤️