Monday, May 27, 2024

Friend Encounters: David Vox Mullen and Tony

Friend Encounters is a weekly series about friends meeting celebrities.

This is a funny one. My friend David Vox Mullen would humbly eschew the celebrity label. My friend Tony (aka The Fed) would grab the celebrity label.

Actually Vox is a celebrity. He lived the life of a rock musician for more than a decade and has been doing comedy even longer. He currently does solo shows, as well as Tag Team comedy with former wrestler Al Snow. Whether solo or teamed with someone, Vox is the real deal.

Originally introduced to Vox many years ago by our mutual friend Paul Myers, Vox has become a great friend of mine. Despite that potential bias, everyone I have brought into the Vox vortex has loved his shows.

Tony is also a great friend, even if he isn't a celebrity. Actually, he is quite unassuming and only jokes of his fame. Tony is one of several people who became fans after seeing Vox perform.

I recently interviewed Vox for my Talking Travel series on Global Traveler. You can watch that at Talking Travel with David Vox Mullen.

I haven't interviewed Tony, but he has helped me in several of my interviews and I appreciate him for that and his friendship. I also love that he is a Vox fan now. I love worlds colliding.

Tony and David Vox Mullen in Chicago, IL-Summer 2023.

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