Monday, May 20, 2024

Friend Encounters: Jessica Roden, Rebecca J. Scott, Brittnie Brooks and Jay Repsel

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Today I feature Chicago-area promoter Jay and three lovely, fierce ladies who wrestle in Dreamwave. This was an easy one, as Jay was with the ladies for most of the weekend at Squared Circle Expo IV a couple months ago..
Based in LaSalle, Illinois, Dreamwave runs awesome shows. Earlier this year, they ran an all-women show, featuring Jessica Roden, Rebecca J. Scott and Brittnie Brooks, Dreamwave Women's champ. It sold out quickly, as did the next all-women's show in June. The Dreamwave booth was one of the most popular at Squared Circle Expo.
These women represent the best of women's wrestling. They are actually excellent in the ring. Forget everything else, if the women can't perform in the ring, I don't care how beautiful they are. The fact these women are gorgeous is an added benefit, but never the driving force for me to enjoy their wrestling.
As a fan of women's wrestling, I applaud this. These women do not rely on their looks. They work hard to be good in and out of the ring. That's a credit to them and Jay.
For more info on this great wrestling company, go to Also, check for updates and schedules for their future conventions.
Jessica Roden, Rebecca J. Scott, Jay Repsel and Brittnie Brooks in Indianapolis, IN-March 2024.

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