Friday, May 31, 2024

Nancy Faust and Last Comiskey

Yesterday, I recounted my successful effort to meet former Chicago White Sox pitcher Jack McDowell at the book launch party for Last Comiskey. Aside from Black Jack and two other former Sox players, I wanted to meet legendary organist Nancy Faust.

Often credited with starting the concept of walk-up music for batters and various players exits and entrances into games, Faust was part of the very fabric of Comiskey Park. She made "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Good-Bye" an anthem at Sox games. 

While I saw Faust many times at Comiskey and even got a few pictures of her playing the organ, I never actually met her or got a picture with her. That changed at the book launch event, but it took some effort.

Faust was placed up front, as she played various song bits all night. There was no chance to meet her before the event and I knew once the event ended, she would be swamped. Quickness was my only chance.

As the event came to a close, I started to make my move forward. The event concluded and Faust wasstill playing. Fortunately, she was also greeting fans and was a bit more casual. I waited for a break and made my move. To my surprise, Faust actually paused her playing to pose with me. She is such a class act.

Faust was such a huge part of the Sox of my youth. The team had stars like Dick Allen, Bill Melton and Jim Kaat, but they all came and went. Faust was a constant comforting presence until her retirement several years ago.

Last Comiskey is a fantastic book. It is a must for any Sox fan, especially older folks who went to Comiskey Park. It features pictures, quotes and stories from many former players and staffers.
Nancy Faust and me in Chicago, IL-May 2024.

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Jean Parker said...

Glad you got a pic with Nancy!! Patience sometimes wins!!