Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Talking Travel with Adam McArthur

I interviewed actor Adam McArthur for my latest Talking Travel interview on Global Traveler. McArthur does standard acting, voice overs and is also the voice of video games.

His versatility and connection to some major entertainment franchises make him very popular at comic cons and other celebrity conventions. His work also leads him to a lot of travel. Known world-wide could have an impact on one's travel, but being anonymous in voice overs helps Adam a bit.

Kevin talked about his career and travel implications in our interview. He also discussed his appearances at comic cons.

Look for the interview video and recap on Global Traveler at Talking Travel with Adam McArthur. Also, go to Adam-mcarthur.com for more info on Adam. Lastly, please subscribe to the Global Traveler YouTube channel for all sorts of interesting travel content (and to help my job security LOL).

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