Friday, June 14, 2024

Ali Cantarella at C2E2 2023

How many times can I feature artist Ali Cantarella? How many times do I see her at comic cons? She might say "too many" to the last question, but I love her art and I will always stop by her booth any time she's at a convention I cover.
I first saw Ali many years ago and immediately loved her creations. Her Pet Portraits caught my eye, but I also saw she did plenty of other art. She even eventually did a version of the Johngy character.
More recently, Ali has working on a bigger canvas. She has been creating murals walls, both outdoors and inside places. She's doing her part to beautify the city.
It's very cool when I walk by something and realize she painted the wall. This applies to several stoes around the area. I just love it.
Besides all of that, Ali is really cool. She is a blast to follow on social media.
For more info on Ali and her projects, go to Also, look for her at comic cons around the Chicago area. You just might see me admiring her booth, too. You can also go to to see if Ali will be there and all of the rest of the info.
 Ali Cantarella and me in Chicago, IL-March 2023.

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