Monday, June 10, 2024

Friend Encounters: Juliette Lewis and Michael West

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

This is a bitter sweet picture today. On one had, I am happy to see mu author friend Michael West meet actress Juliette Lewis. On the other, I am sad I missed both fo them at HorrorHound Weekend.
I met and interviewed Michael many years ago. Since then, I have seen and interviewed him many times at various conventions. Sometimes he is a fan, while other times he has his own booth. Either way, It's great to see him.
Michael is a talented author, specializing in horror novels. Whether a stand-alone novel, part o a series or a short story, Michael's writing is amazing. He draws the reader into interesting stories with enough twists and gore to entertain, without going over the top.
At HorrorHound, Juliette had one of the longest lines of fans and for good reason. Her body of work is impressive. For me, Cape Fear was her best performance or at least my favorite movie in which she starred. Happily, all reports I heard from friends meeting her at HorrorHound were glowing. She was awesome with fans.
For more info on Michael, go to Also, check for info on their next convention.
 Michael West and Juliette Lewis in Cincinnati, OH-March 2024.

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