Thursday, June 20, 2024

Talking Travel With Ash Bhardwaj

When scanning new travel books, I came across Why We Travel by Ash Bhardwaj. After reading the description, I was intrigued.

Bhardwaj has a fascinating enough story to write an autobiography. He learned to play rugby as a teen to earn a trip to New Zealand. That trip lit his passion for travel. A few jobs and trips later, Bhardwaj started thinking about why we travel. What motivates people to travel and what do we hope to get out of travel.

Why We Travel isn't a superficial list of reasons for travel. It is a deep-introspection by Bhardwaj. It's part travelogue, part memoir and part thought-provoking analysis. That combination produces a fascinating book. Why We Travel is a book you will or can skim. To get the full impact, read it thoroughly and think along with Bhardwaj.

Aside from inside knowledge of the book, the thing I took away from our interview is Bhardwaj's sense of curiosity. It is actually quite inspiring. It forces one to look at things differently.

As his curiosity related to travel, I might have a business trip somewhere, but what is my goal other than business. Do I have other things I want to accomplish on the trip? This isn't just about what things I want to see, but more what do I want to experience. Maybe it is just touristy things or maybe I want to feel the culture. Bhardwaj obviously explains it all much better in his book than I am here.

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