Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tony Horner and Chicagoland Sports Appearance Connection

I meet and feature a lot of athletes and celebrities here. Today, I highlight one of the many folks responsible.

Tony Horner is the founder and president of Chicagoland Sports Appearance Connection (CSAC), a fantastic site for listings of athlete appearances in the area. It's well-organized and very thorough.

Tony is a great guy, too. After only a few times of seeing him at conventions, I was greeted personally by Tony. That is a nice touch, especially considering the thousands of people he meets. Since I usually only want a picture, as opposed to an autograph, sometimes I even get a special deal. Either way, his prices are fair and the athletes he brings are always popular.

I recently attended the Midwest Sports Buffet, which featured a few athletes, including former Chicago Bulls 3x champ Bill Cartwright. Tony was running that area and knew I just wanted a picture. He said I could wait until the end and Bill would stand up (he has bad knees and couldn't go up and down all day). I appreciated the thought, but any picture would be fine. Still, that is the kind of service Tony provides.

For more info on Chicagoland Sports Appearance Connection, go to csac.biz. If Tony and CSAC are involved, you'll have a great time.

Tony Horner and me in Bridgeview, IL-June 2024.

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