Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Joey Janela at C2E2 2020

C2E2 returns December 10-12. As usual, I will be "On the Beat" covering all the fun.
All Elite Wrestling had a major presence there in 2020 and was a huge hit. The lines to meet the stars of AEW were ridiculously long and they were so popular they did not have much time for media either. Finally on Sunday, as the convention as winding down, I had a chance to meet and talk to Joey Janela.
Janela lied about his age to get work with a small wrestling company. He went on to work for a few other companies before being one of the first signees with the new Al Elite Wrestling. He has been a featured wrestler with AEW since then. At only 31, with a lot of experience behind him, Janela's future is bright.
At C2E2, he talked about the wild early success of AEW. While it isn't ready to eclipse the WWE, it has surprised many with its early popularity. It continues to grow and is probably the #2 wrestling company right now.
For more info on AEW, go to AllEliteWrestling.com. Also, check C2E2.com for updates and scheduling.
Joey Janela and me in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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