Thursday, March 14, 2024

CM Punk at C2E2

Running March 31-April 2, C2E2 2023 is right around the corner. Of course, I will be there "On the Beat" all weekend..
One regular stop of mine at C2E2 is the Pro Wrestling Tees booth. PWT has hundreds of wrestling for purchase online, including my Johngy's Beat shirts.
PWT brings in a few wrestlers to appear at their booth. One of the usual wrestlers is Chicago's own CM Punk. While Punk has a bit of a gruff personality at times, he has always been great at C2E2. Actually, I have met him several times elsewhere, too, and never had a bad experience with him.
When he joined All Elite Wrestling, Punk returned to wrestling after many years away. I was at his return, which happened at the United Center in Chicago. The crowd pop was insane.
After a few good matches and storylines, Punk's return hit the rocks. A backstage skirmish and a wild press conference have left fans wondering if he will ever return to AEW or wrestling anywhere.
I hope Punk does return. I enjoy his wrestling and his promos. Unfortunately, I don't see it happening.
I do think there is a good chance he will be at C2E2 again this year. If he's not at appearing as a wrestler, I am pretty sure he will be somewhere in the crowd, but I wouldn't bother him if I see him just meandering.
Go to for info, updates and schedules. Also, check for all their cool merch, including Johngy's Beat tshirts.
CM Punk, Jim Strong and me in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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