Monday, March 8, 2021

Friend Encounters: Ali Cantarella and Joey Roth at C2E2 2020

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities. Today is another case of celebrity meeting celebrity.

Chicago actor, wrestler and overall entertainer Joey Roth joined Johngy's Beat last year at C2E2. I wanted Joey to handle interview duties for a while and when the time came, he handled things beautifully. One of the interviews from that day was with artist Ali Cantarella. That interview can be found at On the Beat With Ali Cantarella.
Ali is one of my favorite artists. She is also ne of my favorite people to follow on social media. Ali is simply as fun as she is talented. You can probably tell that from the interview above.
Ali has created art for many outlets, but one of her ongoing projects is her pet portraits. Ali does fantastic work capturing the spirit of you pet. If I had a pet, I would have Ali create her version, much like she did for my Johngy character (for which I am forever grateful).
Ali is the perfect comic con artist. She has a lot of work to showcase and she has even more personality to engage interested folks. This is how her booth has become a regular stop on my comic con circuit (whether she likes it or not LOL).
Of course, I also have to give kudos to Joey for doing a great job with all of the interviews. He made them fun and brought out a lot in the various artists (and without any advanced notes). The pandemic put comic cons on hiatus and our interviews there, too, of course. When things get going again, I will definitely have Joey back doing more interviews and revisiting old favorite like Ali.
Go to Cantarella.Ink for more info on the very talented Ali. Also, look for Joey all over social media, in wrestling rings, on stages and other places of entertainment.
Joey Roth and Ali Cantarella in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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