Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wanted:Billy Joel, The Piano Man

This is the first in an unspecified series detailing my celeb 'Want to Meet' list.

As my friends know, I am a serious Billy Joel fan. I have to thank my childhood friend, Tom Skalski, for originally turning me onto the Piano Man. I think we were in the 7th grade at Sacred Heart School on the southeast side of Chicago.
Tom was always a bit ahead of me on the music scene, but once I heard Joel's music, I surpassed Tom on the fan level. That was an incredible 31 years ago.
Since then, I have been to a dozen Joel concerts. I realize this is not a huge number for most folks, but I generally hate concerts. Joel accounts for more than half of my total attended concerts.
I have also seen his musical, Movin' Out, which I highly recommend. I'm sure my praise is no surprise, but LD saw it with me, before she was much into Joel and she loved it, too, vindicating my biased opinion.

Joel is not likely to do any 'Meet and Greet' conventions. I am going to have to try a legitimate journalistic approach. Joel is #1 on my list, but probably the longest long shot.


Anonymous said...

you never can tell. could you predict your interview/meeting and exchange with Roddy Piper? with Rick Monday? you never can tell....

Johngy said...

Ronnie, you are right. I never thought I would not only meet the icon, but actually interact with him beyond the normal fan boundary.