Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RIP:Jean Blais

This past Saturday, Jean Blais left this world. Mrs. B. (mother of Dave Blais) was truly full of life and love.
She was my sister Nancy's mother-in-law, but I think she looked at Nancy as more of a daughter (and Nancy looked at her as a second mom). The mutual love and affection was so evident every time they were together.
After a 2 year battle, she passed away too young. I'd say there will be a little less spirit in our lives, but her spirit will live on. You could not have known her and not felt her spirit. Mrs. B. freely also welcomed me into her life. She knew no separation...everyone was just family and she loved us all.
We love you, too, Jean.
Jean Blais (seated middle row, dark sweater) and the rest of us in Fox River Grove, IL-December 2006

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Anonymous said...

No one could of said it better, Mrs. Blais was a remarkable woman who loved life. You could feel the love by her warm smile and hugs. We will all miss her dearly.
The Parker Family