Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Watch Out Corey Haim

I just saw the first advertisement for the HorrorHound Weekend Convention in Indianapolis on March 27-29, 2009. Corey Haim is one of the guest celebrities. I haven't seen Haim since 'the incident'.The incident to which I refer happened in the late 1990's at a Hollywood Collectors Show in Rosemont (IL). I don't remember the specific details, but for whatever reason, I stayed at the show longer than anticipated and I was running late.
I raced through the crowd (as politely as I could) and reached the ballroom entrance. Once outside of the ballroom, I picked up the pace just a bit, since there were fewer people.
All of a sudden, Haim appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. I had no time to stop, slow down or even change direction. The first thud I heard was my left shoulder connecting with Haim's left shoulder/chest area. The second sound I heard was sort of an "ooooommmffff", which is what Haim sputtered as he fell backward. I apologized and helped him up. To his credit, he laughed it off, but I could tell it took a bit out of him. We shook hands and I promised to stay away from him.
I think the Statute of Limitations on that promise has expired. So look out, Haim, I'll see you in March.

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