Friday, January 30, 2009

The Artist Known as Connie Persampieri (TAKACP)

I stumbled upon Connie Persampieri (for the second time) at the Motor City Comic Con. Persampieri is a self-employed artist, who works primarily with watercolor/gouache and graphite. Among her credits are designing the Marine Corps Marathon logo for 1990 and illustrating sketch cards for Topps: ‘Lord of the Rings Masterpieces’ Card Series.
I purchased a few of her smaller pieces and they now hang in my home. One piece is an intriguing mermaid, which fit in wonderfully with my aquatic theme in the bathroom. The others are mystical
and whimsical and they simply make me smile.
I had originally seen Persampieri's work at a show in Carol Stream, a suburb west of Chicago. Unfortunately, time constraints made me leave the show early. When my planned next day return trip got derailed, I never had the chance to pick up any of her work, nor even find out who she was. Fortunately about a year later, there she was in Novi (MI). This time I made sure to get her info and her artwork.
Connie Persampieri and me in Novi, MI-May 2007.

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