Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scott Turow Salutes Literacy

Previously when I posted about the NIE ad series, I have concentrated on the fun aspect of the ads. Chicago-born lawyer turned author Scott Turow was one of the first celebrities to have an actual literary connection.
In 1977, after his first year at Harvard Law School, Turow published One L, a non-fiction book about that first year. Turow became an Assistant U.S Attorney in Chicago in 1978. In 1986, Turow left the U.S. Attorney's office and published his first novel, Presumed Innocent, in 1987.
Turow has won many awards over the years, including the prestigious Silver Dagger Award of the British Crime Writers. Turow is also a partner in a Chicago law firm.
Getting Turow to appear in the NIE ad series was quite a coup. As a native Chicagoan, a successful author and a national name, Turow might have been our biggest achievement celeb-wise.
Sheepishly, I must admit to not being as familiar with Turow's life as Laurie was, but writing is her passion. I think initially, she was more excited than I was about landing Turow. Of course, I realized she was completely correct on this one.
For me, Turow represented a certain legitimization of the ad series. With no offense to the great celebs who graciously appeared before him, Turow's appearance showed we could get a serious national literary figure.


Anonymous said...

i even heard that laurie edited or wanted to edit the quote and that turow was cool with that. that shows he is a professional and that she has *&^%$ to want to try to edit this publishing dynamo.

Johngy said...

Dear A-There is much more to the Laurie editing story than Scott Turow. In fact, I was building towards the story which would have the big reveal with the next NIE post. So stay tuned.