Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott Parker

In honor of Scott Parker's (my brother-in-law) birthday, I present a 'Then and Now'.

...Scott and Matt (Big Money...or would he be little money?) surprised me by donning my tshirt! Yep, that is where the whole cartoon Johngy face originated. I had to get that moment saved for posterity (and for this blog).
Scott, Matt and me in Matteson, IL-early 90's.

and now...Years later and freshly back from 5 years in Houston (TX), Scott and Matt met me at Wrigley Field for a Cubs-Astros game. I think it is cool to have a picture of the Parker men in Wrigley. Of course, they had the bigger laugh, making me wear a White Sox jersey (after I lost a bet). Despite the fact that the Astros were the Cubs opponents that day, I got more jeers in my jersey than they did in the Astros jersey.
So here you go Scott...my present to you for all the world to see...me in a White Sox jersey at Wrigley Field. Enjoy!
Scott, Matt and me (in reverse) in Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL-Summer 2006.


Parkers said...

All three of you are the greatest men in my life! Happy Birthday, Scott! Love you all!
Love, Jean

Johngy said...

We love you, too.