Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Page Joseph Falkinburg, Jr.

Page Joseph Falkinburg, Jr. first broke into the wrestling business at the age of 32, adopting the ring name Diamond Dallas Page (aka DDP). Page has continually beaten the odds.
Page started out as a manager in the old AWA. It wasn't until about 3 years later in the WCW when Page decided to actually wrestle. Page went to the WCW training facility, determined to work his way up. At the age of 38, Page won his first pro wrestling title, the WCW World Television championship. Page went on to win the Wo
rld Heavyweight Championship 3 times.
Page moved on to the WWE after it purchased WCW. After a 2 year stint in the WWE, Page resurfaced for a short run in TNA wrestling. Page is currently considered to be retired from the ring.
Page isn't retired from the public eye though. As a motivational speaker, author, fitness guru and actor, Page's future looks bright and busy.
Perhaps because of his work ethic, fans have always taken a special liking to Page and he always makes time for his fans. At the Pillman Memorial event, during the photo sessions, he jumped into the crowd to take more photos after his official slot was over. Page stuck around for another hour or so until everyone who wanted a picture with him got one!
Dallas Page teaching me the Diamond Cutter symbol in Cincinnati, OH-May 2000.

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