Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Handsome Harley Race and Ehhh Johngy

Harley Race is definitely an old school kind of guy. He overcame polio as a child and a horrific car accident which ended the life of his pregnant wife and almost cost him a leg.
Race wrestled professionally for over 30 years, in virtually every organization and many countries. Race has held many titles and is in 6 different wrestling Halls of Fame.
Like most wrestlers, Race spent time in the WWF (now WWE). Unfortunately, Race's time came slightly after his prime and when wrestling was changing. Although still capable of being an excellent wrestler, Race's persona didn't quite fit with the new WWF audience.
Having met Race a couple times, I immediately sensed that he is a no-nonsense man. I am quite sure he isn't happy about the overall direction of wrestling, but he isn't a bitter old veteran.

Even at 22 years my senior, I wouldn't want to mess with Race. He still appears tough as can be. Even without the tough exterior, Race would simply command respect.
It was nice to see him with his wife, though. She appears to have the tough guy wrapped around her finger. They made a very cute couple.
Harley Race and me in Las Vegas, NV-early 00's.

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