Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Rick Stelmaszek Saga-Part 3

Last week I wrote a post about Rick Stelmaszek's record-setting performace in his second game with the Chicago Cubs. Today, I am featuring one of the lowlights of Stelmaszek's time with the Cubs.
His third game with the Cubs was on August 1, against the New York Mets. Stelmaszek was on a roll, having started the 2 previous games, while going 2-5 with an RBI.
His third game wasn't so good, starting out 0-3 with 2 passed balls. Then things got worse.
With Stelmaszek behind the plate, New York Mets 3rd baseman Wayne Garrett fouled off a pitch by Steve Stone. Unfortunately, that foul ball struck Stelmaszek in the throat. After several minutes and a failed attempt to walk off the field, Stelmaszek was taken off by a cart.
Below are a couple pictures I saved from the newspapers the next day. As I have said before, I love the nostalgic feel of these type of old photos. I love figuring out who the other players are.
In the top photo, #25 is Cubs Manager Jim Marshall, #11 is ss Don Kessinger and #21 is Cleon Jones of the Mets. Also there is #18 Cubs 3rd baseman Bill Madlock (3rd from right in the foreground). Behind him to the right I am guessing is Cubs 1st baseman Carmen Fanzone. I am not sure of the rest. Could Steve Stone be the guy behind to the left of Madlock?
In the lower group of photos, #6 Cubs coach J.C. Martin and #40 Cubs pitcher Herb Hutson. Cubs Manager Jim Marshall is also on the scene.

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Shawn said...

I love those old photos. What you close in clarity and color, you make up for with nostalgia.