Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Down with D'Lo Brown

Professional wrestler D'Lo Brown is a nice guy by all accounts. Brown experienced a fair amount of success in his career, but unfortunately he was also involved in a real wrestling tragedy.
During Brown's time in the WWF, he wrestled Darren Drozdov in a match that would change both of their lives. While Brown was attempting a running power bomb on Droz, Droz's baggy shirt somehow interfered, causing the move to be botched. Apparently the shirt prevented Brown from getting the proper grip and Droz from making the proper jump. Droz suffered a severe neck injury which left him a quadriplegic.
Wrestling injuries are nothing new. Droz never blamed Brown, nor did anyone else. Still, the incident affected Brown greatly.
I met Brown at the Brian Pillman Memorial Show in 2000. Brown was quiet, but very nice to the fans. He opened up a bit when my friend JayHawk Evans mentioned that we were from the Park Ridge (IL) area, where Brown had spent some time.
It was recently rumored that Brown had signed with the WWE. I hope this is true. Brown is a good worker and very entertaining. At 36, he is still young enough to compete in wrestling. It would be great to see Brown in the spotlight. The fans would love it and Brown cxertainly deserves it.
D'Lo Brown and me in Cincinnati, OH-May 2000.

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