Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old Times at Comiskey Park

You know I love old pictures. Sure they lack clarity and crispness that new cameras can capture. They also lack the ability to capture anyone more than 10 feet away. Yet, these pictures are just cool to me!
In 1981, at old Comiskey Park, my dad and I got there early for batting practice. We were trying to get Indians outfielder Alan Bannister (former White Sox player), when Indians shortstop Jerry Dybzinski (future White Sox player) basically came right up to us. We talked for a few minutes and I snapped the picture. The previously mentioned Bannister can be seen swinging in the right background.
A couple years later on 'Photo Day' at Comiskey Park, I again ran into inadvertently Dybzinski. I was trying to get to White Sox 1st baseman Mike Squires (my all-time favorite), when Dybzinski appeared right in front of me.
Dybzinski is a friendly guy. Little did anyone know that later that year, in the playoffs, he would be involved in a play that would haunt Sox fans for years. Dybzinski got caught up on the basepaths costing the Sox an important out. It was a simple mistake, but done at the wrong time and place and magnified greatly by the playoffs.
Jerry Zybzinski at Comiskey Park in Chicago, IL-Summer 1983.


Steve Gierman said...

Awesome photos!

Johngy said...

Thanks. I love that Bannister is in the background. I have some more coming featuring White Sox and some Oakland A's.