Saturday, March 14, 2009

Killer Bee Brian Blair

Brian Blair threw his hat in the political ring in 2002, but lost the election for a seat in the County Commission in Florida. In 2004, he was elected County Commissioner, District 6 for Hillsborough County. Blair's first taste of success was in another ring, the wrestling ring.
After 2 stints in the WWF (now WWE) where he was used mostly as a singles wrestler who didn't have much success, Blair's third run in the WWF proved to be very successful. Blair was teamed with Jim Brunzell to form the Killer Bees, a high flying young tag-team. Although the Bees never won the tag-team championship, they were always in the title race and were very popular with the fans.
For a while, the Bees wrestled under masks, calling it 'Masked Confusion'. The funny part is wearing masks and 'fooling' the referees and opponents is usually a tactic of wrestling bad guys. The Bees were firmly portrayed as good guys.
In a little bit of trivia, Blair was once married to Michelle McGuirk (aka Mike McGuirk, a former WWF ring announcer). McGuirk was the daughter of a promoter of a territory in which Blair wrestled pre-WWF.
Blair was very friendly when I met him in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, nobody was around to snap a shot of 'us'.
Brian Blair in Las Vegas, NV-Early 00's.

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