Friday, March 13, 2009

Nora Greenwald is Truly Mighty

Nora Greenwald gained her biggest success wrestling as Molly Holly in the WWF (now WWE). Previously, she wrestled as Miss Madness in the WCW and later as Mighty Molly in the WWF.
There is much speculation as to why Greenwald left the WWF in early 2005. Some say it is because she became disenchanted with the way WWF favored looks over wrestling ability. Some say she did not like wrestling as a vill
ain. Some say she left to concentrate on her family and personal life.
Greenwald denies all of these options, but is mum about her actual reasons. Reportedly, WWE big cheese Vince McMahon has left the door open for her return if she ever desired.
Of course, I have no insight into Greenwald's mind. I do think all of the possible reasons are plausible. Looking at the WWE, it is not hard to see that looks (in both men and women) are often more important than the in-ring abilities of the person. Greenwald is a very attractive, athletic woman, however she does lack the extra plastic parts to allow her to better fit the current image of a WWE diva.
This is very disappointing on many levels. Greenwald was beloved by fans and could put on a great match, even with a poor opponent. Greenwald could have continued being an effective active performer, while helping the younger, less-talented women learn some moves. To me, Greenwald was the perfect female wrestler, an asset both in and out of the ring.
Fortunately, Greenwald has gone on to do a long and varied list of activities, from charity work to taking the Polar Bear Plunge earlier this year. Greenwald is a winner, whether the WWE realizes it or not.
Nora Greenwald and me in Kokomo, IN-October 2007.

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