Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Loser

Dave Plonczynski was one of the most spirited members of my intra-mural basketball team, the Losers. Mooner always brought a great sense of humor to the games and with a 1-6 record, we needed humor.
Plonczynski and I became friends in our Junior year at Mount Carmel. We spent many weekends at Friar Tuck's and Wright's Barnyard, two great video arcades in the Calumet City-Lansing (IL) area. Bowling was another great time-spender, although Plonczynski was a bit of a ringer, as he was on MC's bowling team.
Plonczynski was a natural choice for the Losers. He wanted to win and tried to win, but he didn't take losing too hard. That was the spirit of the Losers! Whether slotted at guard or forward, Plonczynski gave it his all. Plonczynski scored 8 points in 5 games.
I have recently reconnected with Plonczynski. He is a father of 4, doing well, living in the western suburbs and is anxious for a Losers reunion.
John Fleszewski (top left) attempts to pass to Dave Plonczynski (white stripes) in Mt. Carmel gym in Chicago, IL-Spring 1983.


Greg said...

There was no bowling team at Carmel

Johngy said...

Sure there was. I have proof in my yearbook. Wasn't Coach Kev in charge?