Friday, April 24, 2009

Linda Purl and Happy Days x 2

When I met Linda Purl at a Hollywood Collectors Show, I surprised her with a little bit of trivia. Purl played 2 different steady roles on tv's Happy Days. For season 2, Purl portrayed Gloria, Richie's high school girlfriend. Eight seasons later, she portrayed Ashley Pfister, Fonzie's sophisticated girlfriend.
Obviously she knew it, but she stated that few others remember that. I did not bring out any other trivia, choosing to quit when I was ahead. I always think it is a fine line between bringing up good memories of the celeb and being just a bit too knowledgeable on any specific person.
Purl had many other roles during her long career, including a 2 year stint on tv's Matlock as Ben Matlock's younger daughter Charlene. Purl also has released several jazz music albums.
Linda Purl and me in Rosemont, IL-March 2009.


Steve said...

Purl was very cute back then and still looks good today ! Happy Days is one of those all-time classics and favorite shows of mine ! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Johngy said...

Purl was very nice, but meeting Erin Moran was even better. I really think Moran was as excited about meeting her fans as we were meeting her. Purl was very friendly, just more subdued (probably more veteran of these conventions).