Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cards That Never Were

When I discuss Cards That Never Were, I usually am talking about Steve over at White Sox Cards. Today, I am highlighting Paul over at Wrigley Wax, a great blog mostly about Cubs card collecting.
On Saturday, Paul posted a piece entitled 'Topps 1969 Update Set, Cubs', in which he produced updated (better) versions of the 1969 Topps Cubs cards. His set featured all of the positional starters and a few pitchers. He even added Paul Popovich, the super sub. Ordinarily the Popovich card would be the one to really catch me...and it did. However, when I left a comment, I couldn't help but mention a couple others I would have liked to see. Who would have thought he would jump into action and produce my requests?
I mentioned Ken Rudolph, the backup cather. Coincidentally, I had a post set to run today about meeting Ken Rudolph. As everyone knows, I have a special place in my heart for backup catchers and Rudolph was a pretty good backup.
I also asked for Oscar Gamble, just because I always wanted to see a good card of Gamble with the Cubs. This would really have been Gamble's rookie card, as '69 was his first season.
Late last night, while checking my blog, I saw Wrigley Wax had a new post entitled 'As Requested' and there was a small picture of a Ken Rudolph 1969 card. I eagerly clicked on the link and was greeted by the cards shown below. Paul had granted my request by producing 2 fantastic looking additional cards to his set.
Thanks Paul and really great work!
1969 Topps cards of Ken Rudolph & Oscar Gamble as reproduced by Paul of Wrigley Wax.