Monday, April 13, 2009

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

I have only known Natalie Platt for a short time. Platt is one of the fascinating people I have encountered while doing research for various pieces for Global Traveler magazine's website. The piece I wrote on Platt will run on 4/15/09.
Platt is a native of Bloomington (IN) and is a student at Indiana University. Platt is also 'Head Intern' for the Fort Myers Miracle, a minor league affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.
Platt hopes for a career in sports, perhaps as Director of Media Relations for an mlb team. In the meantime, she works tirelessly and energetically at her job, which includes being in charge of all on-field promotions and writing for the Miracles in-season programs.
Platt is also writing a blog, Baseball in Stilettos, to chronicle her experience with the Miracle. Already off to a great start, she hopes to continue to get unique stuff, along with the regular baseball activities.
Platt's efforts and attitude caught the eye of legendary groundskeeper George Toma (aka the God of Sod). Toma gave Platt an autographed copy of his book,
'Nitty Gritty Dirt Man' for her 22nd birthday. Within the heartfelt inscription, Toma credits Platt with having "and then some", one of his famous lines indicating Platt goes well above and beyond the average person at everything.
Platt is having a good time and making great impressions. I think Platt will go a long way in her chosen field. Hopefully, one day when she is a big cheese for some major league club, she will remember me with a couple of tickets to a game!
Natalie Platt and George Toma in Fort Myers, FL-Summer 2008.


Matt Henderson said...

What a coincidence. My family just started to plan a trip down there and we are definitely going to catch a Miracles game. Now when the promotions start, we can cheer for Natalie!

LA Tom said...

George Toma is a real class act. Mike Veeck is a promotions genius. Ms. Platt is in great company.