Friday, April 17, 2009

A (Erin) Gray Day in Lincolnwood

Erin Gray co-starred on Silver Spoons and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Her role on Rogers as Col. Wilma Deering is seen as one of the first strong female characters in the science fiction genre.
Prior to Rogers, Gray made an appearance on Magnum P.I. as Joy 'Digger' Doyle. This role was intended to become a recurring character and possibly even a spin-off. For whatever reason, that did not happen.
I met Gray several years ago at a Hollywood Collectors Show. This particular show was rather small and I don't remember much about meeting Gray. Perhaps it was because of the Buddy Hackett purple gloves (see earlier post). I do know there wasn't much of a line for any of the celebs at this show.
I think Gray would do better at a show like the Motor City Comic Con, where should would be surrounded by other celebs in the science fiction realm. When you get those sci-fi fans together, the money starts flying.
Erin Gray and me in Lincolnwood, IL-mid 1990's.


MMayes said...

I have very inappropriate memories of Col. Wilma Deering. I also remember that Buck Rogers in the 25th Century taught me that there will be no unattractive women in the 2400s.

Nice to see that Ms. Gray is still an attractive woman.

Johngy said...

Well said and thanks for stopping by.