Saturday, April 18, 2009

Would Pineapple Gatorade Be So Wrong?

For those who never saw the ads, Gatorade was invented in 1965. The rest of the history is unimportant to this post.
The original flavor was lemon-lime, followed by orange in 1973 and then fruit punch in 1983. For the next 14 years, no new Gatorade flavors were added, with the exception of the quickly discontinued Gatorade Tea.
Starting in 1997, Gatorade got gimmicky. Gatorade Frost, Fierce, Extremo and X-Factor hit the shelves. New flavors included Mango, Passion fruit and watermelon. Some of these newer attempts have been discontinued.
I have been bugged by the lack of one particular flavor. Pineapple! Why has there never been a Gatorade Pineapple?
They have added strawberry-kiwi and have even added some odd mixes like lemon-lime + strawberry and orange + tropical fruit. Yet still no pineapple.
Would pineapple be too sweet? Maybe they should mix it with orange, like a lot of real juice companies do. Just don't dismiss it without a second thought.
It just boggles my mind that with all of the gimmicky flavors Gatorade has attempted, pineapple has never been tried. What is with the pineapple snub?
The many flavors of Gatorade with the obvious Pineapple flavor omission.


White Sox Cards said...

Pineapple Gatorade sounds so good right now.

Steve said...

and I have been waiting for banana flavored . . . it is the "worlds most perfect fruit" !

Johngy said...

Banana would be another great flavor, but I was sticking with the citrus fruits. I'd also like to see apple.

night owl said...

I don't think I could handle banana Gatorade (or pop).

But pineapple Gatorade reminds me of going to the Pop Shoppe in Buffalo as a kid and getting all kinds of exotic sodas so we could load up on sugar and watch the All-Star Game. My dad would always get pineapple pop. (I'd stick with orange or cherry).