Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Nancy

Today is a very special day. My sister Nancy is celebrating her birthday. It would be impolite for me to state her age, but I will say she has something in common with Hawaii.
I joke about Nancy a lot and she takes it well (and gives plenty back). The truth be known though, I love her dearly. I am lucky enough to have 2 great sisters.
I had a nice chance to bond with Nancy and my niece Laura last summer, when we drove Laura to Brooklyn (NY). Laura was starting a new stage in her life and I was glad to be there to help. Aside from an excruciating headache on the last day, it was a great time.
We drove in a very-overstuffed minivan. Fortunately, I had fountain Cokes and Billy Joel cd's to comfort me. After moving all of Laura's stuff into her new digs, we got to wander around a bit. We saw a lot of stuff, but the real fun was hanging around with them, even though they drove me crazy on occasion (oh I am sure I drove them loopy a few times, too).

One of our adventures was a carriage ride through Central Park. Nancy was especially fond of our horse. He was a good horse (although he was no Mr. Ed).
Anyway, I wanted to take this time and space to wish a very happy birthday to Nancy. I love you, sis!
Nancy and her carriage horse in New York, NY-August 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, it was great spending time with you this summer. I know I tease you alot too, but without you and Jean my life would never be the same. I love you both.