Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scott Sanderson Came Home...Again

It took Scott Sanderson a long time to come home, but he evntually made it back to Chicago, successfully pitching on both side of town. Although Sanderson was born in Dearborn (MI), he grew up in Chicago.
After 6 seasons with the Montreal Expos, Sanderson joined the Cubs, where he was a solid pitcher for 6 more seasons. Additionally, Sanderson was part of the rotation for the 1984 division champs.
Sanderson left the Cubs and pitched for 5 seasons with 4 different teams, before returning to Chicago with the White Sox. Sanderson had one very nice season with the Sox, helping them to their division crown in 1994.
Sanderson told a story about being forced to bunt during one stretch in the minors. For a few straight games, regardless of the situation, Sanderson was ordered to bunt, to improve his skills. Now that is old school baseball. Sanderson did learn to bunt quite well and now he laughs about the situation.
Scott Sanderson and me at AU Sports in Skokie, IL-February 2009.

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