Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Boy Denny at Big Boy, Not Denny's

Oh how I toiled over the headline on this one. Imagine the comic fodder of a big man named Denny, eating at a Big Boy's instead of at Denny's. Okay, maybe I just find it particularly funny. Recently, while eating my breakfast at the Big Boy in Novi (MI), I saw former Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain. I believe McLain resides in the Detroit area.
McLain and I went to the same high school (Mount Carmel in Chicago) although many years apart. He was signed by the White Sox, but started his mlb career in Detroit. McLain is the last 30 game winner in the majors.
I did not approach McLain, because I don't like to bother people in situations like this. McLain was there to enjoy a breakfast (Eggs Benedict, to be precise). Had I met him in the parking lot, I would have tried for a picture with him.
My friend and I sat at our both and we joked about Denny not eating at Denny's. Then we mentioned that he was a big boy (man). It all seemed like a natural joke just sitting there.
Denny McLain's 1968 Topps baseball card.


Denny McLain said...

I wish that you have bought me my eggs Benedict!!

Johngy said...

Mr. McLain, Shoot me an email and I will gladly treat you to an even better breakfast on my next trip to Detroit (or your next trip to Chicago).