Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jack Odanovich and SWSSA

I got to know Jack Odanovich while doing research for my online pieces about the Motor City Comic Con for Global Traveler and Johngy's Beat. Odanovich was a great subject, because he is a fan as well as an attraction at the MCCC.
Odanovich joined the Star Wars Society of San Antonio (SWSSA) in 2007, when a friend invited him to go to a convention in Los Angeles (CA). He was immediately hooked, Odanovich dresses up as Anakin Skywalker a few times a month for various events. Sometimes, the events are like the MCCC, where he will meet other Star Wars groups. These conventions are the perfect place for Star Wars groups to hang out with each other and meet new fans (like Kelley Jean, who donned an SWSSA tshirt in support of the group). Sometimes, even the celebrities get in on his act (like Christy Hemme, who had a blast with Jack).
Sometimes the events are hospital visits to young patients. To those kids, it is a rare moment of happiness. Odanovich says, "It's as if we are the real celebrities in kids eyes making them oooh and awe at the humming of our lightsaber or the fight sequences that we do or don't choreograph."
I was fortunate enough to witness many people approaching Odanovich for a picture. He graciously (and eagerly) posed with anyone who asked (including some celebs). It has been a real pleasure getting to know about Odanovich and the SWSSA.
Jack Odanovich and me in Novi, MI-May 2009.

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