Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Billy Dee Williams at 2008 Motor City Comic Con

Yesterday, I wrote about Valerie Schendel, Press Liason for the Motor City Comic Con. Her son, Brian, was excited about meeting Billy Dee Williams. Today, I'm writing about my experience with Williams at the MCCC.
Billy Dee Williams is the epitome of cool. He is one of those people who just exudes cool. Williams doesn't have to do anything. He is just plain cool!

Last year when I met Williams at the MCCC, he had a nice selection of photos from which to choose for him to sign. However, at first glance I did not see Williams from my favorite role of his. I saw him as Lando Calrissian (Star Wars), Harvey Dent (Batman) and Toussaint Dubois (General Hospital). Then I saw my favorite, which was way off to the side.
I loved Williams as Gale Sayers in Brian's Song. Williams played opposite of James Caan (as Brian Piccolo). It was a sad story, as Piccolo died from cancer, but it was also a positive story of the friendship between Sayers and Piccolo, two teammates not separated by any race barriers.
When I finally met Williams, I selected that picture and he commented that few people pick that one. A large part of his fan base now probably comes from his Star Wars role. We talked for a few minutes about the impact and importance of Brian's Song.
As I was walking away, Williams thanked me for the compliments and for the memories. Like I wrote, the guy is just too cool.

Billy Dee Williams and me at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI-May 2008.


dinged corners said...

Fantastic choice! He was wonderful in Brian's Song.

Johngy said...

Williams and Caan were awesome together in Brian's Song, but check out tomorrow for a little trivia about Williams and this great role he almost did not get.

Greg said...

Picalo dies in the movie???? Now you ruined it for me, now I can't watch it.

Johngy said...

On a non-related topic...

Jim Morrison dies at the end of 'No One Here Gets Out Alive'.