Friday, May 8, 2009

The Original Wrestling Diva:Missy Hyatt

Many people consider Missy Hyatt to be the original diva of pro wrestling. There were women wrestlers and valets before Hyatt, but she was arguably the first to combine both with a real onscreen presence.
Hyatt started her career in 1985 in the WCCW, better known as Von Erich territory. Hyatt has worked in many wrestling organizations, including the WWE, although most people don't remember her short stint there. Hyatt was slated to do 'Missy's Manor' to replace 'Piper's Pit' (hosted by Roddy Piper). It was a disaster and Hyatt left the WWF (now WWE) very quickly.
Hyatt has worked the independent wrestling scene for several years now. Hyatt also was the first female to win a male heavyweight championship title when she held the AWF (Apocalypse Wrestling Federation) title.
I met Hyatt for the first time at a record store. Hyatt was very jovial throughout the night, bordering on silly sometimes. The crowd was lively and had so many different pieces of memorabilia for her to sign.
Missy Hyatt and me in Schaumburg, IL-late 1990's.

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