Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seasons in the Sun

Our softball team at Lerner Newspapers didn't have much success on the field during our several seasons. We did have our moments though. Darryl Corter was a dispatch driver for Lerner Newspapers, while he attempted to get accepted at the Police Academy. Corter was also arguably our best hitter.
On one night, Corter hit 3 home runs and 1 double. After his first HR, the defense backed up, trying to play a little safer. It didn't matter, as Corter cracked one over the centerfielder's head for his second HR.
For his third at bat, the defense once again backed up some more. Once again, Corter smacked one over their heads. This time it was right field.
On his fourth trip to the plate, the defense basically backed up so far there was no way humanly possible for Corter to hit another HR. Instead (and undaunted), Corter laced a double to right-centerfield. Had I hit that same ball, it would have been an out, but with the outfield playing about 300 feet back, it dropped in nicely for a double for Corter.
Corter had other skills, too. He was a master at 'Strike A Pose', a game where we challenged him to copy various trophy poses, wrestling holds or famous monuments. My favorite of all-time was when he put the claw on himself. Kevin Von Erich would have been proud (and slightly unnerved).
Darryl Corter giving the ball a ride in Skokie, IL-mid 1990's.

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laurie said...

i also put wrestlng holds on myself. there's something with that?