Friday, May 29, 2009

A Hardy Boy and a Luchagor

Amy 'Lita' Dumas is a former 4 time WWE Women's champion. Matt Hardy has won many titles in the WWE and is currently in a feud with his brother Jeff. Hardy and Lita were connected in and out of the ring for several years. Dumas is currently retired and involved in her band, the Luchagors.
Their offscreen romance soured when Hardy revealed that Dumas was cheating on him with fellow WWE wrestler Edge. This revelation resulted in Hardy's dismissal, followed by his return, followed by a storyline incorporating the sordid tale. Art imitated life.
I met the pair during happy times. They were appearing at the Brian Pillman Memorial Show. They were happy to chat and clown around a bit with all of their fans. It was less than 8 years ago, but Dumas and Hardy have experienced a lot together and apart in those eight years.
Amy Dumas, Matt Hardy and me in Cincinnati, OH-October 2001.

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