Monday, June 8, 2009

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

I simply cannot believe it! My sister and her husband met the Schwab and I didn't. I am the Shwab fan...not them! I have watched countless hours of Stump the Schwab (with their son Matt)...not them! I am the celeb guy...not them! Yet there they were in Disney World, mingling with The Schwab.
Jean and Scott recently went to Disney World with my niece Samantha and one of her friends. It happened to be during some special ESPN time there. If only I knew that...
When Scott saw Schwabbie, he knew he had to get a picture with him. At least they were nice enough to share their picture with me (or were they just taunting me?).
I'll get over it. I am happy they got to meet Schwabbie. Now, had they met Suzy Kolber without me...
Jean Parker, the Schwab and Scott Parker in Orlando, FL-March 2009.

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