Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who's the Boss...Alyssa Milano?

I feel I am the object of some discrimination. I have written about my adventures in interviewing various celebrities and sports figures. I am very grateful for every interview I have conducted. These celebrities have been very cooperative.
I haven't written about the ones who shunned me, either politely or rudely. I haven't named names or condemned anyone. It's all part of the game, I figure. They don't owe me anything. Yet, I can't help but notice an oddity.
Alyssa Milano has recently written a book, Safe at Home:Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic. Milano has a baseball blog and has conducted several interviews of major leaguers.
Milano is a avid Dodgers fan, but she doesn't just interview Dodgers. I have seen her interview Tom Glavine (Mets), Jeff Francis (Rockies), Brian Fuentes (Rockies) and even legends Ernie Banks and Ozzie Smith.
Not only has she interviewed these stars, she has posed for pictures with them and gotten autographs! That is a clear no-no. It is boldly written on every press pass and posted in every major league clubhouse. Yet, there Milano is, time and time again, interviewing star after star, receiving signed balls and smiling pretty in photos. Worse yet, the ball players are smiling widely in the photos.So what gives? What is going on? What is the difference?Milano is a big baseball fan, but so am I. Okay, Milano has a blog. So do I. I don't believe Milano has ever been published in a newspaper or national magazine, like I have. I don't believe Milano can name every backup catcher since 1970, like I can. Yet, she gets the interviews and the extras.
There must something Milano has that I don't. I just can't figure it out.
You might be asking yourself why I am giving Milano even more publicity by writing this. That's an easy one. Despite the fact that I feel I am wronged, I would be willing to bury the hatchet if Milano were to extend an invitation for me to write a piece on her blog or even if she guest-blogged here.
I doubt that will happen though. Milano must know the reality and she won't want me to outshine her.


Steve said...

maybe you should promise her a picture too ? anyhow, she may not be the boss but she is the bomb ! i left a message on her blog to call you.

Laurie said...

She has (fake) size C-D breasts; you don't. Therein lies the difference.

Johngy said...

Well, if my overall talent isn't enough, then I guess I will just stay here and continue having fun on this blog.