Wednesday, June 10, 2009

John, Paul, George, Ringo, Laurie and Butch

Last Saturday, Laurie and I had an evening I won't soon forget. We saw a great show, had a tasty meal and possibly saved a dog's life.
The evening started at Rosewood, a great steakhouse in Rosemont (IL). We ordered our entrees and 3 side dishes to share. There was so much food, we needed a doggy bag (which would really become a 'doggy' bag later one).
After dinner, we saw '1964 The Tribute' at the Rosemont Theatre. This Beatles tribute band has been recreating the early Beatles shows experience for over 25 years. The show/band was awesome.
I do have to mention one funny note involving the audience. Near the end, 'John' announced they would do one more song. Some woman behind us started shouting 'Get Back'. Okay, first, it's not really a concert. More importantly though, 'Get Back' came out in 1969 on Let It Be, the final Beatles album. In other words, 'Get Back' is about as far away from early Beatles as you could get.
After, as we drove home, we talked about snacks, wine and Coke by a small backyard fire to end the evening. That plan got derailed a bit as Laurie saw a runaway schnauzer zig-zagging through traffic on a busy street. Knowing Laurie, I really didn't need to ask...I knew we had an unexpected mission.
Laurie jumped out to catch and befriend the dog, while I pulled into a nearby gas station. Laurie asked me to get our leftovers for 'Butch', who snarfed them quickly. I read the tag and Laurie called Butch's owner. We bought beef jerky for Butch and laid out a blanket while we waited. It was our own late night picnic, right there at the gas station. The owner came quickly and Butch was safely on his way home. Of course, Laurie was (and probably is) still worried about Butch's well-being.
This wasn't the first time I have been part of a potential dog-saving experience with Laurie. Each time, I am so impressed by her eagerness to jump into action. She just loves all of nature and cannot bear to see animals in potential trouble.
I want to publicly thank her, too. I still feel great about helping Butch. It's a special feeling to be an active participant (and not just a bystander) in real life. Thanks to Laurie and her big heart, I feel like I made a difference.


Steve said...

a great evening ends well - kudos to you and Laurie. I saw Beatle Mania last year and they are also a fantastic tribute band - great show !

Laurie said...

well, you forgot a few things from my vantage point:
1. the man who repeated "are you sure you're supposed to park there?" like some twisted mantra to us 3,000 times from the crowded parking lot to the flippin' door.
2. the 20-something freaks who thought they were at an actual Beatle's concert and called other freaks on their cell to say so.
4. that the "Get Back" girl sang uproariously throughout the concert even though being tone deaf would have been a step up for her.
5. the "I'm hiding from my husband" hijinks.
and most importantly. . .

6. that YOU my friend were the one who asked me to turn around to save the dog. Because even though I would have asked any way, it makes it so very special that I don't have to ask. That you volunteer.
And the fact that YOU attempted to pick up the wily Schnauzer even after he nipped at you...and that YOU were the one he followed and trusted.
This was our...oh...I think fourth street rescue and it never fails to amaze me that you just jump right in. That's all you my friend.

Johngy said...

I struggled with this post because there was so much to cram in. Thanks to L for succinctly summarizing them 1-5.
Kudos to Laurie more than me. It is totally her heart. I just follow it, because I know what it means to her. Four dog rescue missions make me very proud.
I never saw BeatleMania, but someday I will.