Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old Times in Toledo

My family went on a trip to Ohio and my dad and I caught a game between the Tidewater Tides and the Toledo Mudhens. After the game, we hung around a bit to meet some ballplayers and pitcher Mike Wegener was the first (and only) player to come out.
Wegener made it to the majors for 2 seasons with the Montreal Expos in 1969 and '70. He compiled an 8-20 record. Wegener played in the minors for the Baltimore Orioles and the Philadelphia Phillies before he joined the Montreal organization. He pitched for the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants organizations after Montreal. It was during his time with the Mets organization, that I saw him in Toledo (pitching for Tidewater).
Where do I even begin with the photo of Wegener and me? Let's see...a plastic Cubs batting helmet, a White Sox tshirt (although it was from the cool logo era) and red pants really showed my 70's style and my state of utter confusion.
I blame my dad for the lack of a good photo. As you can see, there really wasn't a crowd. Perhaps my dad could have orchestrated a better picture.
Still, all things considered, I love this picture. Like all of my other old baseball photos, there is something special to me.
Mike Wegener and me in Toledo, OH-Summer 1974.


MattR said...

I went to a minor league game (Salt Lake vs. Sacramento) during my vacation. It was an enjoyable night---I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching minor league games. Now that the Diamondbacks are in Phoenix, the closest minor league parks are either Albuquerque (5 hrs away) or Las Vegas (6 hrs away). I guess I could count Tucson (3-4 hrs away) if independent leagues are included.

Laurie said...

You rock those red pants!Methinks that your love of autographs stemmed from Big F's and your excursions and waiting for the elusive players.
I love this have the unbridled gait of every kid at that age...

Johngy said...

As a kid, Wegener was just as cool as getting any major leaguer. He was a star in my eyes (at least for a month or so), but I do still remember him vividly.L-Oh you are probably right (about big Frank)...not so sure about me rocking those red pants.