Friday, July 31, 2009

THE Catwoman:Julie Newmar

When I met Julie Newmar, I remember thinking, "Cool...I just met Catwoman! THE Catwoman!" Sometimes I am still that little kid with stars in my eyes.
Besides tv's Batman, I really didn't follow much of Newmar's career, but her role as Catwoman was enough for me. I loved that show. I loved all of the celebrity super villains.
Newmar portrayed Catwoman 12 times (Eartha Kitt played the role once and Lee Meriwether took over the role for the 1966 film). I also believe that Newmar's Catwoman was the best and most challenging to Batman.
Newmar played Catwoman as vulnerable and misunderstood and compared herself to Batman. I really think that bejangled the Caped Crusader more than her crime capers. There was a great dynamic going on there. I am a bit surprised Newmar never had a spin-off show.
I told her that she had a big impact on Laurie. She smiled and said something like, "That's sweet." Maybe she just thought I was trying to be nice. However, she (as the Catwoman) probably had an impact on a lot of smart, young women. I don't think she was as powerful as Mary Tyler Moore, but that's another story.
Julie Newmar and me in Novi, MI-May 2009.


Anonymous said...

I think Newmar was the essential Catwoman because she played her as somewhat conflicted; she wasn't just bad --- occasionally there was remorse and some curiosity for the "other" side. Plus, she and the Bat had chemistry. But once again, as a kid saw a different side of a woman...

SILVIA said...

I love Julie!!! I loved her Catwoman. Batman strted here (I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 1967 when I was 7.
She's an angel and answered my mail.


Johngy said...

Newmar was easily the best of the 3 Catwomen.