Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seasons in the Sun

Lizzy Sette was sort of the Mark DeRosa at Lerner Newspapers in her first few years. She was versatile and worked in almost every department.
Lizzy played parts of 2 years on the Lerner softball team. She was usually the short-centerfielder. She occasionally caught and was Johngy's favorite catcher for her ability to actually throw the ball back to me (the whole 40 feet or so...all the way to the pitching mound).
Lizzy was involved in a memorable moment while on offense. She was on 1st after somehow getting a hit. The next batter hit a ball to deep short. The shortstop threw to 2nd to try to get Lizzy. It was going to be a close play, until Lizzy gave the second baseman a push off of the base. The umpire ruled her safe, while the other team protested. Maybe more of us should have tried that maneuver!
Lizzy Sette in Skokie, IL-mid 1990's.

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