Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Checking Out The Phillies Room

I always marvel at the work of photoshopped creations of nonexistent baseball cards. Recently, I came across The Phillies Room, run by Jim, which features sets of Phillies cards he has created called Chachi Sets.
I will use Jim's words from his site to explain Chachi cards.
For the past several years, I have created my own Phillies cards. The major card companies no longer produce cards for players like Eric Bruntlett or Clay Condrey, so I took matters into my own hands.
I call my cards "Chachi" in honor of my dog Chachi. Just like you should never call Fleer cards "Fleers", you should never call Chachi cards "Chachis".
The Chachi cards start with the 2005 set. Each contains 60-80 cards. For the 2009 set, there are 50+ cards and counting, including some All-Star specials, 2009 Season Highlights and special inserts. There is not a bad card in the bunch. They are better than any company would have produced.
With Jim's permission, I have selected a handful of cards to show here. Eric Bruntlett is for my nephew Matt, who followed him from his Houston days. Victorino is the favorite of Kim Krol (of Global Traveler), who is a huge Phillies fan. Jayson Werth is probably my favorite Phillie.
I probably should consider myself lucky that I do not possess the talent to make such cards. Otherwise, I might be spending day after day making Johngy cards!
Chachi cards of Eric Bruntlett, Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth as created by Jim of The Phillies Room.


Jim said...

Thanks for the recognition Johngy! The 2005-2008 sets each contain a total of 60-80 cards. My hope is to eventually feature the full sets from past years throughout future posts.

I'm already in the process of trying to decide which Topps set to use as the template for the 2010 Chachi set!

Johngy said...

My apologies and corrections made in the original post.
I really dig these cards and one of my best friends is a Chachi!

Evil Zebra said...

So.... being from the Philly area
(now residing in CT) it was cool seeing these Philly legends!

Made me say to myself....
SELF, ya think JIM would make a
trading card for an old ZEBRA and
his Team PMA?

I know a CHACHI too...
and Joannie Loves Him!

Take it,

Johngy said...

Hmmm an Evil Zebra Chachi card? That would be interesting.
I am sure you have perused my entire fascinating site, but a while back I posted about meeting Erin Moran (aka Joanie).

Evil Zebra said...

Just checked out your Erin Moran story... NICE!

It was real "EZ" to find since:

"ERIN MORAN" falls right on top of
"EVIL ZEBRA" on your list at the right side of your homepage!

Take it,

P.S. Getting ready for the ICONS of Wrestling show here tomorrow...
Evil Zebra might just be bring a speacial Surprise guest with him tomorrow... Melissa Coates!