Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meeting Mike Squires

I have previously written about Mike Squires. Mike Squires was a slick fielding 1st baseman for the Chicago White Sox while I was growing up. His defense and versatility kept him in the league for 10 seasons. His bat prevented him from becoming a full-time starter.
Last weekend, I had the chance to meet Squires for the first time. Technically, I met him a couple other times at Comiskey, but those meetings were quick handshakes or greetings, nothing more than any fan got from any ballplayer. Last weekend, I really met him.
I arrived late in the show and his line was pretty much done. I heard he drew a large number of people. Because it was near the end of his time slot and nobody was behind me, we got to talk for a bit.
Squires is currently a Special Assistant to the GM for the Cincinnati Reds. He looks in good enough shape to grab a glove and display the fielding form which won a Gold Glove in 1981. He was happy to be back in Chicago and to be greeted by so many fans.
I first cheered for Squires way back in 1975. Now 34 years later, I finally got to meet my baseball hero. If my old friend Ed reads this, he probably will be thinking that maybe now I will finally shut up!
Don't count on that.
Mike Squires and me in Rosemont, IL-July 2009.


White Sox Cards said...

Awesome! I'm always worried that if I meet someone that I followed heavily in my younger days, that they will disappoint. It great to hear that Squires appears to be pretty down to earth.

Johngy said...

Steve-Remember, it was your post on #25 which lead me to you. I still put Squires over Tommy John and Jim Thome, but Thome is closing the gap.
Yeah, Squires seemed genuinely happy to be there. I was really surprised with the number of people who wanted to meet him or get stuff signed. I think he was, too.

Bob Allen said...

I graduated from Western michigan university in December of 1973 with a B.A. Mike was 1 year behind me. I am the biggest fan of the White Sox. I am trying for a second career as a "sports attorney." I went on for the M.B.A.
program there in 1974.

I was recruited by Creighton university law School and graduated in 1977. Mike was awesome! He is such a class guy!!

I left him a message at the Cincinnati organization. Please pass on any connections to young ball players that want a sports agent. I hasve 30 years experience in taxes and contract negotiations, and financial planning. I can be reached at Lawyer4475@hotmail.com

The White Sox will always be the number 1 team in my heart.

I came from poland in 1960 and was 8 years old. the White Sox were my dream team since than and always will be.

Mike Squires is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Bob Allen J.D. CLU, ChFC, FLMI

Johngy said...

Thanks for stopping by.
I have followed Squires since I can remember. I am hoping for a chance to interview him sometime. If that happens, you'll see it here!